Love numbers and helping people? Take our tax preparation course and you could become a first-year tax pro. If you’ve prepared taxes before, our Tax Knowledge Assessment could lead you to a partner with us or a business owner.



  • Accounting Degree with a minor in Tax Preparation
  • Over 10 years’ experience as a Tax Professional
  • Business owner of 3 other businesses
  • Proud Wife and Mother of 3
  • A Passion for helping people level up in their financial life through tax preparation and credit restoration.
  • Ultimately assisting All Americans in
Income tax preparation and planning



Hello, my name is Jonquala. I’m an accomplished entrepreneur, having created four profitable companies over a 10 year period.

Growing up as a child, I had always dreamed of one day becoming a nurse. It seemed like an ideal career, particularly because I’d always enjoyed helping people – especially in their most vulnerable moments or times of need.

Oddly enough, while in high school, I discovered I had a talent for tax preparation after preparing my taxes for the first time on my own.

When I realized I’d receive a lump sum of money in the form of a tax refund simply by filling out my W2 information into tax software, I was astonished and delighted.

At the beginning of my college career, I planned to complete a degree in nursing and simply offer tax preparation services on the side, working at a major tax software company called TurboTax. After two years in college, I received the notification that I hadn’t been accepted into the nursing program, despite my 3.8 GPA.

It was a bittersweet moment, as I realized that the door to my dream was closed. My faith in God allowed me to follow what I believe is my true purpose in life. Although I had always wanted to pursue a career in nursing, I realized that it came from my basic desire to help people. That’s when it occurred to me that there are, in fact, many ways to do that, including financially.

One day, the idea struck me to create my own business as a tax entrepreneur. I resumed my college career specializing in the accounting field, and two short years later, I received my accounting degree with honors and a specialty in tax preparation. But despite all that, the courage it took to begin as an entrepreneur was immense. I experienced trials and errors, highs and lows, and a range of dynamic challenges. While expanding my business proved demanding at first in terms of the knowledge, consistency, and dedication required, I managed to adapt quickly. In the end, when I surrendered to God’s plan, what I had initially considered a side project grew into a successful six-figure business in just four years.

Today, my businesses continue to thrive. I’m so thankful to everyone who supported me along the way and I look forward to what the future holds!”

About Our Tax Preparation Course



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Business Set Up

Register your tax business with the sectary of state. Apply for your tax business Employer Identification number.. Obtain PTIN to operate your tax business. Logo creation and more.
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IRS Due Diligence

Preparing for a client interview can be intimidating if you don't know what to look for. You will learn the process of conducting a productive client interview comfortably while meeting all due diligence requirements outlined by the IRS.
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Prepare individual Tax Returns

You will learn how to prepare basic individual tax returns. This course will cover the majority of forms and schedules that the average customer will use to maximize their tax return or lower their tax liability.
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Identifying your target audience and understanding how your services will benefit this audience is just the beginning of marketing. You will be introduced to gurus in this subject matter that will help you jump start your business.
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Basic Tax Laws and Practices

Tax laws and Practices are continuously changing. Understanding how to assist all clients with the constant changes will allow you to deliver a much better client experience. You will receive ongoing support throughout the tax season. Your success is my success!

Becoming A Taxprenuer

  • You do NOT have to have a degree
  • You must have a PTIN (Paid Tax Preparer Identification Number)
  • IRS requires CE (Continuing Education) credits- 16 hours annually

Benefits Of Being A Taxprenuer

  • Little to No Start Up Cost
  • No Franchise Fees or Royalties
  • Recession proof
  • Proven business Model, no need to reinvent the wheel
  • Certificate of Completion in as little as 6 weeks
  • Side Hustle, Seasonal, Part Time, Full Time or Learn to lower your own tax liability
  • Earn a years’ worth of income in just 3 months

What Will You Learn In All American Taxprenuer Academy?

How Much Money Can You Make As A Taxprenuer?

The Profit Margin For A Tax Professional Is 100% Based On The Tax Professional


A Taxprenuer is a Tax professional who starts and operates their own business.

Enrollment/Registration will begin on September 5th, 2022 and will end on September 23rd, 2022. This 6 week online Class will start for all enrolled students the week of September 26th, 2022 and will end the week of November 14th, 2022. No classes will be held the week of October 11th, 2022.

You will be a certified Taxprenuer in as little as  6 weeks.

Anyone wanting to learn taxes. If you are looking to lower your own taxes, add a side hustle to your main work, part time work, or even make tax preparation a full time career.

Self paced modules that will be followed by twice a week live online coaching classes.  

  • 16 Chapter Slides (eBook)
  • Quizzes 
  • Videos
  • Practice Tax Return
  • Practice Tax Return Final
  • Federal Final


  • 16 Chapter Slides (eBook)
  • Quizzes 
  • Videos
  • Practice Tax Return
  • Practice Tax Return Final
  • Federal Final 


The cost covers your eBook, video content, workbook, and other resources that are required for you to be a successful Taxprenuer.


Most definitely. After successfully completing the Taxprenuer Academy, You will receive  

CE Credits: 10 Federal Tax Law, 3 Federal Tax Updates, 2 Regulatory Ethics 

You will be a certified Tax Professional and receive a Tax Certification from the IRS. You will be recognized by the IRS, as a paid tax preparer. We offer one partnership package and one mentorship package to help you throughout the tax season for your continued success.

There will be absolutely no refunds once class starts. Since this is a knowledge-based course and knowledge CANNOT be reversed once learned, this course is NON-REFUNDABLE. No exceptions. 

The taxprenuer academy isn’t scheduled in advance. I only launch a taxxprenuer academy when I know I can dedicate 6 weeks to my students success. Once the taxprenuer academy is full you will not be able to register, the registration link will be closed.

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